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We asked our presenters what they are most excited about regarding Public Consultation and its changing landscape. And here’s their insights:

What are you most excited about regarding Public Consultation?

City of Burlington

Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives,
Michelle Dwyer

Engaging citizens in decision-making leads to better decisions. People care about where they live, I am energized by the passion and creativity that residents bring to decision-making. There are always new tools, techniques, and technologies emerging in the area of public consultation. The best part about public consultation is the public.


Director of Professional Development,
Brenda Pichette

Meaningful consultations are on the rise! Canadians want to be heard, they want to be engaged on issues that affect their health, families and livelihood. Public Participation Professionals are developing new knowledge and skills every day to help them respond to the need. The current Federal government is committed to listening and are consulting with Canadians to spread the words. There are so many ways to engage and new technologies are being developed every day!

University Of Guelph

Mark Lipton

Associate Professor,
Mark Lipton

Public consultation can be exciting, depending on context and content. Those working in this area have the great responsibility of ensuring voices are heard! There are opportunities and obstacles for us, and when addressed with compassion, courage, and clarity, public consultation processes can make a difference, can make our world a better place.

Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences

Andrea Marshall

Director of Communication and Public Affairs,
Andrea Marshall

I am looking forward to hearing from experts in the field, sharing best practices and learning new and innovative ways of taking a fresh approach to meaningful stakeholder engagement.