Working in Collaboration with Local and Indigenous Communities

The final E-Book in this series focuses on collaboration with local and Indigenous communities. How respecting local knowledge and working together can play a prominent role in handling critical challenges related to Biodiverse Ecosystems, Sustainable Environment and Local Participation. Address the set of unique needs and challenges, build trust and consistency and explore techniques for reaching the right audience.

Take away insights on:

  • Harmonize specialized knowledge with local knowledge
  • Embrace Indigenous perspective for efficient and timely project delivery
  • Increase consultation value with Aboriginal engagement

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The Top Not-to-Do list for Public Consultation Strategy Design

Designing a perfect consultation plan can be tricky, and it can get even trickier if the easy-to-miss errors get ignored. In the 3rd part of this E-Book series- industry thought leaders identified 3 common mistakes consultation professionals make while designing an engagement strategy.

Learn more on:

  • Planning outreach strategies for diversified populations
  • Evaluation of public engagement strategies
  • Dealing with criticism and updating methods of consultation

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Influence of Social Media in Changing Public Consultation Landscape

In part 2- our valued speakers shared how they think Social Media is influencing public participation and engagement. Discover how stakeholders interact on this digital social media age, how communication methods are changing and what are the benefits and challenges that comes in the same package of social media awareness.

Take away insights on-

  • Usefulness of social media from a communications perspective
  • Methods to outreach hard to reach audience
  • Social media policies for public and private organizations

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Transform Your Public Consultation Strategies & Drive Project Success

In the part 1 of this exclusive speaker insight E-Book series, we asked our presenters to identify what they think are the top 3 challenges that public consultation and engagement professionals face? Learn more on the hindrances they face with information, stakeholder engagement and Knowledge gap- in their everyday workspace.

Download the e-Book now and learn perspectives from Utility, Health, and City Planning professionals on the challenges of Public Consultation.

Transform your Public Consultation strategies & drive project success